The Beginning…

This blog would not be complete, nor would any of it make sense other than being another bird lover’s blog, without sharing this experience.  This really was the beginning of a new journey, and was profoundly monumental in showing me that there just may be something far greater & more powerful than I had previously believed. … More The Beginning…

Hummingbird Spirit on National Hummingbird Day

Did you know yesterday was National Hummingbird Day?  Neither did I.  Apparently, it is celebrated every first Saturday in September.  Ironically, I started to write a blog about this one hummingbird in our yard that has been seemingly trying to get my attention since Tuesday (it’s Sunday). I have since seen another photographer friend post photographs of … More Hummingbird Spirit on National Hummingbird Day

Birds of Italy

Buongiorno!  Ciao amici!   Truth be told my ability to speak Italian is well below what one would consider acceptable when traveling to this incredible country.   Luckily for me, I have in-laws who can bring out the smiles and joyous laughter of everyone they meet regardless of how much (or little) Italian they speak. Rome and … More Birds of Italy

Red-Tailed Hawk Gets a New Home at The Audubon Society of RI – Transfer Day!

You can only imagine my excitement when I heard the news that The Audubon Society of Rhode Island (our local Audubon organization) would be taking in a rescued & rehabilitated Red-tailed Hawk as its newest resident.  I had the honor of attending the long-awaited arrival to her new home at the Environmental Educational Center in Bristol, … More Red-Tailed Hawk Gets a New Home at The Audubon Society of RI – Transfer Day!

Love Birds

It’s Valentines’s Day… so what better than to share a collection of images I’ve taken of my very favorite subjects showing their adoration and affection for each other.  My mother was right when she spoke of how beautiful bird relationships are.   Birds are romantic leaders, ladies and gents… no Godiva chocolate or Hallmark card could ever … More Love Birds

Wild for Birds Art Show Opening Reception March 6, 1-3pm

When I heard the news that I would be having my own show at the Audubon Society of Rhode Island’s Environmental Education Center in Bristol RI for the months of March and April I was overwhelmed with excitement, and then the panic and fear set in.   This was such a huge honor, and something I … More Wild for Birds Art Show Opening Reception March 6, 1-3pm

Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day!

I’m willing to bet 99% of you weren’t clued in on this… January 21st of every year is Squirrel Appreciation Day. “Squirrel Appreciation Day was created by Wildlife Rehabilitator Christy Hargrove from Asheville, North Carolina on January 21, 2001. According to Christy, “Celebration of the event itself is up to the individual or group — anything from … More Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day!

Cardinals – Signs from Heaven? Part II

Since posting “Cardinals – Signs From Heaven?” I have received more wonderful stories from people who have felt comfortable sharing their own experiences.   Today, I think, the cardinals reciprocated. I had been away from my bird oasis at home for the past couple of days, training with my new company.  This morning at home while … More Cardinals – Signs from Heaven? Part II

“WOO” wouldn’t want an owl?

The one creature we can’t help but gushingly adore.   While most humans can appreciate birds, not everyone is gaga about them.  Owls, on the other hand, seem to have a special place in every human’s heart.  Owl images and videos passed through social media seem to far exceed that of any other wonderful creature on this planet, flooding hundreds … More “WOO” wouldn’t want an owl?

A Day of Turkeys, Migrating Birds & The Mother of Wasp Nests.

My phone rang at 8am.  It was my husband calling on his way to work.  “Hey, I think you probably missed the best photo op of the year this morning.  There is a flock of Turkeys by Volpe Pond, and one is sitting on top of the sign!  If you hurry you can probably catch it.”.   Although … More A Day of Turkeys, Migrating Birds & The Mother of Wasp Nests.

Flying Through Fall

Ahhh fall, one of my favorite times to photograph birds.  Although many of my personal favorites have left for the winter (smart birds), there are still plenty that are sticking around (and showing up) providing an abundance of opportunities.  It’s Mother Nature’s gift of providing us with an incredible backdrop to work with that makes fall wildlife photography so interesting.  Let’s … More Flying Through Fall