April Snow Is For The Birds…

3D2A6142-2April snow is for the birds, literally… The day was supposed to start out with a pool inspection at a house I am selling followed by a photo session for a new spring listing.   Both cancelled due to snow, I end up instead spending the day photographing my favorite subjects while 7 1/2 inches of snow fell to the ground in our little yard (hello Spring).  Thankfully, all of the suet and bird feeders were just re-stocked by my husband yesterday, so no casting call was necessary.  My models were superb, especially the Northern Flickers, Downy Woodpeckers, Blue Jays, and Cardinals.  Grackles were on hand as well, willing to pose as long as food was involved.3D2A60043D2A59003D2A65283D2A64823D2A5532

The disruptive, loud, territorial (the list goes onEuropean Starlings had a family reunion of sorts.  This invasive species is fierce, particularly fierce with each other or anyone else who is competing for food, and apparently believe they rule the bird world.  While the photographer side of me enjoys their speckled colorful feathers, as well as their seemingly dark mysterious personality,  the bird advocate in me isn’t so in love with them.  Policing their activity every 1/2 hr or so is necessary or no other birds will have an opportunity to eat!3D2A57333D2A6234

This is not a dance…


Sadly, most are forced to just wait it out…   3D2A5995-23D2A65273D2A5746

April showers bring May flowers, April snow brings hungry birds.  Some shouted, others seemingly prayed for the snow to come to an end…3D2A55623D2A58643D2A5970-Edit3D2A6506 3D2A64333D2A5926 3D2A5713


If being adorable simply isn’t enough, adorn yourself with a snowflake or two!


Or not…3D2A6324

Standing room only at the Finch feeding compound. Line begins here.


A flash of fur here and there completes the show.

3D2A59683D2A6479G’night little friends… sleep tight.


4 thoughts on “April Snow Is For The Birds…

  1. Another wonderful set of photos, Heidi. I know that grackles are annoying, but I love their colors, including those bright eyes set in the dark head. And northern flickers!! All those different interesting bits! Thanks.

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