Red-Tailed Hawk Gets a New Home at The Audubon Society of RI – Transfer Day!

You can only imagine my excitement when I heard the news that The Audubon Society of Rhode Island (our local Audubon organization) would be taking in a rescued & rehabilitated Red-tailed Hawk as its newest resident.  I had the honor of attending the long-awaited arrival to her new home at the Environmental Educational Center in Bristol, and she certainly did not disappoint!   In she came hidden in a big white carrier which looked more like a mini refrigerator.  Breathlessly, we all waited as the caretaker cautiously opened the door wearing his thick raptor glove in an effort to ease her out (in the following video you can hear all of our gasps as she makes her formal entrance out into her new environment).  WHAT A BEAUTY!!!

This juvenile Red-tailed Hawk was found on the road by a passerby who called “Christine’s Critters” in Weston, CT.  David, one of their volunteers, picked it up & brought it to Falconer & Wildlife Rehabilitator Christine Peyreigne who took it in and rehabilitated it with David’s help.  Christine contacted the Audubon Society of Rhode Island to inquire about the possibility of taking it in as a permanent resident on one of the Audubon’s many refuges once it was fully rehabilitated.  This happy transfer took place on January 19, 2016. – Heidi Piccerelli YouTube


From Dave’s care to her new caretaker at ASRI.  “Are you my mother?”


Admittedly, I cried… three times (shshsh). I had never seen such brilliant white feathers  on a Red-tailed Hawk, nor eyes of sea foamy golden green… this juvenile was simply gorgeous and how lucky we were to have this new ambassador as one who will educate so many.  Christine and David were impressive.  They loved this hawk, and Christine made every effort to see that it would go to a place where it would thrive and be well taken care of.   Two days after her arrival, her new ASRI caretakers brought her to local celeb Veterinarian “Dr. Bird” for her checkup.  Well, guess what… she was actually a he, and now the Audubon Society of RI is holding a naming contest for him, so get your creative raptor naming hat on.




You can read more about this in these great local articles:



You’ll definitely get to see him on March 6th if you’re coming to my opening – an incentive if you needed one. 🙂



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