Love Birds

It’s Valentines’s Day… so what better than to share a collection of images I’ve taken of my very favorite subjects showing their adoration and affection for each other.  My mother was right when she spoke of how beautiful bird relationships are.   Birds are romantic leaders, ladies and gents… no Godiva chocolate or Hallmark card could ever replace nature’s way of impressing a mate, so take notice.



Did you know that many birds mate for life, such as the Atlantic Puffin & American Bald Eagle?

puffins 7.25.14 1.1


Even Black Vultures mate for life.  “Yes, even black vultures stick together. “One bird, presumed to be male, chases a presumed female through the air and periodically dives at her” as part of the mating ritual, according to Birds of North America online. They form such a tight bond, in fact, that they hang out year round—not just during breeding season. For more: Cornell’s All About Birds” – Audubon.   I witnessed this particular pair down in Florida last February just a couple of days before Valentine’s Day.


On the same Florida trip I headed to Butterfly World  to see what I might find, and love was in the air there as well.  These two had me from the start and I love the way it looks as if she’s asking the age-old question “Honey, do these feathers make my rear look fat?”



More love birds…



As wonderful as it is to have seen these exotic birds, there is nothing better than witnessing bird love in their natural element.  To me, the most incredible courtship to observe is that of the Great Blue Heron and Great Egret.




3D2A0463 2

They are incredibly romantic, and the male truly knows how to work hard to please his lady by bringing only the best nest-building sticks home.

Anhingas have a wonderful dance display which often leaves one feeling as though they are truly missing out on something.


On a trip to Nevis Island last March, we were treated to a courting pair of American Kestrels who nested on the property.  It was after spending a week with these two that I learned so much about bird relationships and just how special they are.




To this day I swear they would have long discussions about life… Seems he’s actually listening. 🙂

Loved these Burrowing Owls…


Birds who stay together fly together…





Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my bird loving friends ❤


Peace out,


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