The Ultimate Valentine’s Present

I thought I had already celebrated Valentine’s Day in terms of my “Love Birds” blog post… but what happened this afternoon is a confirmation that “we” (because you are in this with me) are experiencing the coolest most amazing connection to something that I simply cannot explain.

Today was the coldest day of 2016. I hate the cold, am miserable in the cold, have Raynaud’s disease and Chiblains (which should have been named CHILblains).  I had a showing at one of my properties this afternoon which is 1/2 hour away from where I live, so I grabbed the camera just in case. Foot warmers in, hand warmers ready… off I go.

I am pissed.

I think I sold the house (I love the cold).

Driving home, the light was a brilliant golden color and I thought of all of the Owls that would be soaking up the sun that this time.  I felt the need (which was more like an urge) to stop at a place I had visited more than a few hundred times to see if a certain Screech Owl, which other photographer friends have photographed over the past couple of years, might be enjoying that few minutes left of the sun.   I didn’t have time to do this, nor did I want to go.  The windchill was well below zero.  To me, this Owl did not exist.

I drove to where I thought it might be, but facing the other way was a wonderful surprise…


The best Valentine’s Day gift on the planet in a heart shaped opening.  Of course…  

After spending time gazing, weeping, a bit, and feeling as though there is no doubt that there is “something” that we simply can’t explain, I drove off and was distracted by the sun setting through the trees…

What started as amazing lights ended up looking like a heart through the trees…


Happy Valentine’s Day!



4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Valentine’s Present

  1. Heidi, thank you for sharing your pictures and your heart. Each time I see your posts I have to remind myself to take a slower, gentler look at life. A lesson I am slowly learning, thanks to you. Love our MCSIR family.

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    1. Geer, thank you. Slowing down is amazing for the soul! You never know what surprises may be presenting themselves right in front of you (as you are obviously learning which is wonderful). xo


  2. Heidi, This gives me chills. (not the kind from the freezing weather) Truly miraculous and a reminder of the power of mother nature…Thank you so much.

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