Flying Through Fall

Ahhh fall, one of my favorite times to photograph birds.  Although many of my personal favorites have left for the winter (smart birds), there are still plenty that are sticking around (and showing up) providing an abundance of opportunities.  It’s Mother Nature’s gift of providing us with an incredible backdrop to work with that makes fall wildlife photography so interesting.  Let’s face it,  the beautiful palette has already been provided.  What touches we decide to add to that piece of work becomes the art we can cherish as our own.






IMG_3266Pictured above: Cormorant, Juvenile Bald Eagle, Great Blue Heron, Great Egret, Northern Flickr

I particularly love when the colors match the bird’s feet, beak, or certain features in a subtle way as they do with this Bald Eagle, the Cormorants and Wild Turkeys.




Other favorites of mine are when the eyes pop and are heightened by matching leaves, as in the three following images of a Juvenile Bald Eagle, Common Grackle, and Northern Mockingbird.




The fall reflections on the water created the perfect blend for this Wood Duck.  I think every color is represented (except for the brilliant glowing red of the eye, but who’s counting – you get the point).


This Juvenile Eagle, as if on cue, flew straight into the patch of changing leaves just as Mother Nature used her magic wand to splash some of the sun’s last bit of light onto its wing.


This Juvenile Bald Eagle seemed at peace just admiring the colors…


Of course it’s always a treat to photograph other special creatures whose path I might happen to cross during this time.







We are at our peak now, so grab your camera, get out there, and create, create, create!



8 thoughts on “Flying Through Fall

  1. These are wonderful. You truly have a gift, Lady. What are the odds that you would catch a Cardinal in Red Maple Leaves…and to catch the odd bit of color that “puts itself” in the moment?

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  2. Another great set of photos and observations. Yes, seeing that telling detail is such a pleasure, isn’t it, when an eye matches something else in the scene, or yellow feet. Mother Nature accessorizes with flair!! Can’t believe you got that young eagle, just as it was heading into the highlighted leaves. I especially like the wood duck. All of the images, though, are excellent. Thank you!

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  3. Pat, that Wood Duck image actually reminds me so much of your wonderful water reflection work, and yes, that moment was magical when the eagle flew into the light! We are so lucky to witness these things through our lenses, aren’t we? xo

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