Chippy has babies!

What an exciting day today was!  My little Chipmunk buddy is actually a she, who unveiled her adorable little pride this morning.   Some of you will remember the following videos I recently posted on Facebook:

Just at the moment I stepped out back for a minute this rainy morning, I noticed her digging by one of the feeders.  Out popped one little head, then another, then a third.  I was smiling knowing that the timing for my seeing this was somehow worked out ahead of time… then started shooting.

Mama waited until they were all above ground, and stood up as if she were telling them to stay close, and not stray, as a mother would.


Of course there is always one in the bunch who doesn’t listen… guess who turned out to be my favorite. 😉

Eventually, they all start to explore and discover this new above ground world that will soon encompass their daily lives.  The two on the left stayed close to their entry below, but the little mischievous one on the right couldn’t get far enough away fast enough.  I’m going to have to keep my eye on this little one.    Mom left, but stayed close by to keep an eye out.  Enjoy the pics!!









Just in case you haven’t see enough:

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