The Feather

September 22, 2013. I arrived home from staying with Dad for a few days as we tried to make our new “normal” become a reality we could actually deal with.   After 13 years of touch and go with Mom’s illness,  we had ridden the roller coaster of highs and lows one deals with when facing a family member’s challenge with a disease.   Although I knew I’d never see her in person again, I was holding onto this new hope that she would keep her promise and show up for me from time to time as she had done when she magically displayed that trick with the light through the window on the day she set out on her unexpected departure.

It was nice to be home, and in my own surroundings again.  There was a cool breeze so  I opened up the back door and invited it right on in.   As I sat down I felt an overwhelming sadness hit me that is still difficult to write about.  What was I ever going to do without this mother friend of mine…??

At that moment something made me immediately turn around.   There, stuck to the screen door, was exactly what I needed.


I think I injured my jaw when it hit the ground, but then all I could feel was this incredible tingling sensation and feeling of warmth throughout my body as if I were receiving the hug that I so desperately needed just two seconds ago.

The best part, and all the more reason for me personally believe this was more than just a coincidence?  It’s a Mourning Dove Feather.

In my 2nd post I spoke of the symbolic meaning to my family regarding Mourning Doves.


What I didn’t realize then was how this tiny little back yard was going to become the stage for 100’s of feathery encounters that would eventually change my life.

Here is a great link which has a chart of many bird feathers and their symbolic meaning:

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