Hummingbird Spirit on National Hummingbird Day

Did you know yesterday was National Hummingbird Day?  Neither did I.  Apparently, it is celebrated every first Saturday in September.  Ironically, I started to write a blog about this one hummingbird in our yard that has been seemingly trying to get my attention since Tuesday (it’s Sunday). I have since seen another photographer friend post photographs of … More Hummingbird Spirit on National Hummingbird Day

The Eagles

January 31, 2014.  I knew now that Mom had some pretty impressive connections wherever she was… and she continued to top each bird new encounter with show stopping results.  This was, remember, a woman who was a mover and shaker when she was alive, and she certainly knew how make the world take notice. Because we had talked so … More The Eagles

The Hawk

The Celts considered the Hawk to be a messenger between the “Otherworlds” and this existence.  In the Native American culture Hawks also represent a messenger.   I was aware of this only slightly, but as more and more hawks started to appear in my life I started to really pay attention. December 28, 2014 was … More The Hawk

The Feather

September 22, 2013. I arrived home from staying with Dad for a few days as we tried to make our new “normal” become a reality we could actually deal with.   After 13 years of touch and go with Mom’s illness,  we had ridden the roller coaster of highs and lows one deals with when facing a family … More The Feather