The Super Harvest Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

Can you say that five times fast?  And did you know that last night’s Super Blood Moon was also a Harvest Moon? Apparently, a “Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse” just isn’t enough… “On the evening of September 27, three separate lunar events converge. The total eclipse coincides with the full moon nearest the fall equinox, known as … More The Super Harvest Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

Burrowing Owl

The creator of the owl was obviously a genius.  How many times have you personally run across an owl image, or a YouTube video, that oozes a cuteness like nothing else you’ve ever seen?  If you haven’t already taken the time to search for owl videos, here’s a fair warning:  All sense of space and time will be … More Burrowing Owl

Chippy has babies!

What an exciting day today was!  My little Chipmunk buddy is actually a she, who unveiled her adorable little pride this morning.   Some of you will remember the following videos I recently posted on Facebook: Just at the moment I stepped out back for a minute this rainy morning, I noticed her digging by one of the feeders. … More Chippy has babies!

The Cardinal

Aside from the Hawk, there is one obvious bird messenger that could very well be deemed “ruler of signs“.   Multiple friends have contacted me with their stories of the Cardinal, and how it will show up during difficult times, or when they simply just needed a hug or support from someone who is no longer here.  Of course now … More The Cardinal