Hello world! (First Entry)

Well… I did it.   It feels official, and it feels good.  This love of photographing wildlife, particularly birds, has taken me on a journey I want to finally start journaling and sharing.   If one of these stories makes you smile, then I’m on the right path.

I am starting this blog because of a desire to share my silly, unbelievable experiences with wildlife and nature while out with my camera.  While I love social networking, there never seems to be a way to truly convey the absurdities and actually story of what happened without bombarding people with too many photos and a post too long for others to deal with on a social media site.

Disclaimer: Please do not expect this writer to win you over with her writing, rather forgive her in advance for her ability to misspell, and most likely use commas incorrectly.  Oh, and I like using smiley faces… A LOT. 🙂

This all started for me when my mother died (in fact as I am writing this a Hawk just flew into the window, which three years ago would have been alarming, but as you get to know the way my world works, this is no surprise).

When Mom died I suddenly had an onset of visitors with wings.   Not just the typical fly-by, or random house sparrow.  I’m talking Hawks by the dozens, Eagles, Egrets, Cardinals, Woodpeckers, Hummingbirds, Ospreys, Blue Jays, Tufted Titmice, Chickadees, and of all things, OWLS.  Our tiny suburban backyard suddenly became a place Snow White would have loved.  In fact, I often laugh as I open the back door singing that little jingle.  Luckily for my friends, I have stopped analyzing these visits (and posting every single one of them on Facebook).  My husband is now the one who gets to hear me talk endlessly about how the “The Great Blue Heron flew right over my car and landed in front of me at the stop sign!” or how the “FOUR Red-tailed Hawks put on a show for me today that was like an act out of the Circus for Birds!”

My Great Great Grandfather was an incredible artist.  His bird etchings, watercolors, and oil paintings hang in some of the countries most well known museums.  I grew up surrounded by his wonderful artwork, so I’m certain I’ve been influenced greatly by that in my later years.

SO – thank you for visiting,  and I hope you decide to join me for a very fun ride/fly ahead!  Cheers!Hummingbird 8.13.15

“The hummingbird brings special messages for us. It is a teacher of joy, and their lessons are many.”  – Shamanicjourney.com

UPDATE 8/16/15  

Well, this is exciting… and goes along very nicely with the theme of this blog!  The Hummingbird photo I chose to use with this first post was just chosen by Flickr for their “Explore” (Flickr’s Gallery) after I posted it yesterday, and it’s gotten some very nice recognition!   


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