Hummingbird Spirit on National Hummingbird Day

Did you know yesterday was National Hummingbird Day?  Neither did I.  Apparently, it is celebrated every first Saturday in September.  Ironically, I started to write a blog about this one hummingbird in our yard that has been seemingly trying to get my attention since Tuesday (it’s Sunday). I have since seen another photographer friend post photographs of … More Hummingbird Spirit on National Hummingbird Day

Hummingbird Video

Since posting about the Hummingbirds, the ladies have been out in full force and have been incredible to watch!  These two female Ruby-throated Hummers have not disappointed… of course, that’s not a surprise. Enjoy! Quick version for those like me with a shorter attention span: 😉 Longer version paired with Imagine Dragons “I’m on Top of The … More Hummingbird Video

The Hummingbirds

I am skipping ahead to the present today, as it seemed fit based on what happened this morning. Mom loved Hummingbirds, and had a feeder directly outside of the window where she sat during the day.  She would always talk about their visits, how quickly they moved, and how adorable they were.  I, however, never saw one there.  Although … More The Hummingbirds